Saturday, September 10, 2005

Back in the saddle again

Several months ago I put my blog down. I feared I overstayed my welcome. I worried friends tired of my ramblings. With compassion, they allowed me to think what I had to say mattered.

In the interim, an occasional reader asked me what happened to my corner of the world. I often told them I did not have the time or energy to pour into this exercise of cerebral athletics. The time usually spent on submissions took several hours. These were hours I could have spent on my book, with my family or any of the other items that vie for my attention.

It is true that my time grew short. However, like so many who say, “When I make time…” or “When I finish this task…,” I made the time and finished the task but didn’t start on the book or any of the other well-meaning promises I made to myself.

I now find what we all know, you do what you want to do and you will find time to complete each task you want to complete.

I have decided to reestablish my blog. The goal is the same. These are my thoughts. They will not be profound. They will, however, be mine. They will seldom be original. I am sure someone, somewhere, has already coined a phrase I will use. I will struggle to write 900 words on a subject and then find another has written a book covering the same issue.

All this will be true. The difference will be these are my thoughts.

I now reengage in this effort of self-expression. No one has begged for my opinions. There is no publisher pounding on my door for my submissions. These are my thoughts and my words.

This is my corner of the world.