Monday, September 01, 2008

Lessons From A Schooling Show

Martini and I have grown as a team since he became apart of our family. Recently he and our grandaughter completed a week of intro to jumping at our barn, Turncrest Stables ( ). Last Sunday both were in their first "off the farm" show. They did well for a 5-year-old horse with a 10-year-old rider.

Martini and I spent much of the day together. He was handled, groomed, tied, watered, fed, ignored, fawned over, tacked up, untacked - you name it, he and I did it more than once through out the day.

He showed me patience and cooperation. He stood in line and waited for his turns to enter the arena. He carried the granddaughter over barriers, low as they were, she never approached before. He gave her confidence and a real sense of accomplishment.

He reminded me of his non-negotiables. When you tie him adjacent to a food supply, don't be surprized if it becomes the most important item in his life.

Finally, after a long day of cooperating, when a biting fly gets after him, do not be surprised that his patience has drained. He justs wants to be free of the pesky thing.

If he believes the tasks are safe, he will complete what I ask. If I respect his "Heirarchy of Needs," I am welcome to be a part of his life. Sometimes his life has pesky issues that have to be solved before we can proceed.

When we interact with people, it is easy to forget that their life is full of pesky issues, "heirarchy of needs" priorities, and ultimate safety questions.

Its good to be on a team that keeps me in touch with the real game - making a difference in the lives of people.